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Aggregation of art inspiration and resources I find on the internet. I post a lot of stuff related to user experience and video games.

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iOS7 Phone GUI PSD →
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Spot illustrations of Southern Food! For a class assignment. I plan to make more and put them all in a poster so expect that soon. Crawfish, iced tea, collards, and fried chicken, what else do you need?

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Free Photoshop Shapes (CSH) - Download Now! | Shapes 4 Free →
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What's the iPhone Screen Resolution? →
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Easing Functions Cheat Sheet →
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While they all may look the same rolling towards the shore, photographer and Buddhist monk Syoin Kajii manages to capture the subtle differences between ocean waves. 

See the rest of his dramatic photographs from the series Nami below.

Buddhist Monk Captures Rolling Ocean Waves

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This street vendor makes popcorn with an explosive, pressure-cooking, popcorn cannon contraption, a centuries-old method. The video was filmed in Zhengzhou, China, but we’ve watched videos of this in South Korea, too. And of course, Mythbusters has looked into it, video below. Boom!

Related watching: Click to Enlarge: Popcorn, more explosions, and more videos of street vendors, including how this intricately-drawn melted caramel/sugar dragon is made.

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Usability Laws

Fitt’s Law - “the time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the distance to the target and the size of the target”

Hick’s Law - “the time it takes for a person to make a decision as a result of the possible choices he or she has”

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Making A Successful Portfolio →


I get a lot of questions about what goes into making a good portfolio, and while there are many different opinions on the subject, Ty Carter (a Visual Development Artist at Blue Sky Studios) has compiled some really useful information about crafting a portfolio on his blog. Definitely worth reading! And I think this topic is going to be a series of discussions on his blog - so follow his tumblr to catch all the useful tips!

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